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If you use the setup in your picture you will get no useable footage and in all probability destroy your camera. A much better idea is to get a helmet camSony 580 EX-View Super HAD 1/3 CCD search it on ebay. It is a great little unit. The Sony Helmet Cam 580 is bought as a kit and comes with everything you need like a fixable mount for your helmet and a strap that you can attach to your handlebars for the camera. You can record from it directly onto a media recorder. I use a flashtrax with mine but Archos does recordable media players. If your using it in sunny conditions use a polarizing filter on it. If your using it in the woods or forest do not.

I also use Ram Mounts for my motorcycle to mount HD camcorders. They are http://www.ram-mounts.com. I attach a Canon HV20 and HV 30 using Ram mounts. They work really well for an actual camcorder.



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