Hi, If it’s weddings, why



If it’s weddings, why not consider getting another 2100 or move up to a PD170.

There are at least several posts in the archives by compusolver/hank costello re the lighting issues at weddings and how with the 2100 you really don’t have to worry about this. It is video 101 that HD doesn’t cut the mustard yet in less than ideal lighting situations (e.g., atmospheric, church candle light, stain glass window filtered light…).

Also, there are recent posts around here about the sub par job many/most/all(?) consumer/prosumer HD cams do with audio. This was new info to me and I’m not sure I entirely grasp it, but it seems that in order to achieve the 1060 lines of satiny gorgeous video (shot in really good light), the HD cams bump space on the tape formerly used for the audio signal. Yikes. No problem of course if you channel several mics into SD cam(s) or have a separte audio deck.

There is a glacially growing demand for HD. (Odd metaphor I realize). Go for HD, but with your antenna out. At some point the state of the art will achieve the state of the art and HD will be the irresistible force. It hasn’t happened for me yet or my clients.


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