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I’d go with the theater lighting without white balancing. This lighting is meant to be dramatic and surprising. If you white balance at the beginning, you will be white balancing with the most unnatural light of the entire evening, normal lighting, which will disappear as soon as the show begins. If I could make one suggestion on this it would be to make the reds a tad less intense, if you can customize color with your cam. Once again, this w/e I was looking at powerful reds on the faces of performers that had to be as intense as the blowout furnace reds on the inside of a volcano. I dialed everything down with my PD170 and got my bestest coolest/hottest overall palettes to date.

I find the hardest part of shooting video of a theatrical performance to be following the action when there are solo performers darting around the stage in ways you did not expect. Choreographers don’t make it easy for video directors. Requires a top notch tripod head and absolute concentration. Within the past week I was watching a nationally broadcast TV show where the cameras were losing the solo performers off the edges. It looked like a mistake to me. I guess it doesn’t get easier unless you are actually rehearsing your cam when they are rehearsing the show. Even then, perrformers sometimes dash off the stage to get sick or whatever (famously, one of the Barrymores).


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