Hi, I watched trailer and



I watched trailer and "director’s cut."

Cool event.

Trailer is a good piece. Well done!

Director’s cut: Too much camera movement; slo-mo could cover up some of this. Try to get closer in front of the rest of the crowd and maybe steady the camera by being in a crouched position. What’s with the yackity yack yackity yack; who wants to hear you and your friend’s piffle; if I were Donald T, you’d be … (you know).

I think if you brought a light into this situation, you would either be asked to turn it off; or escorted off the premises. It is a Halloween show. The only lights are supposed to be part of the show.

You would flip if you saw how much better a Sony VX2100 would capture the visuals of this event.

Don’t know the advantage of 16:9. The upper and lower borders are already dark naturally. You might cut off some interesting action, due to it being dark and not knowing what may be coming next. Consider wide angle with a full screen ratio.

Have fun on Halloween. I may check this event out; seems like a good excuse to visit family in Orlando. If you see someone who looks like Andy Warhol, that’s me (so everybody sez). }:-)


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