Hi, I think Ill join this


I think Ill join this post because no one is answering my post, but basically I am doing the same thing. Photojournalist for 20 of my shooting years, and now wanting to add video.
Im looking at a couple of cams on B&H. The shoulder carry Panasonic AG-DVC7 looks good and is in my price range, but the cons are a huge camera is intrusive and intimidating for candid filming. Heck my D2x with a medium zoom puts people on guard so sometimes I grab a point and shoot or my D40x just so I look like a tourist.
The GL2 looks great, but it is $1000 higher than the budget. (yes the rebate will make it $1700 while I wait but the 2 months + to get the rebate that is my money tied up)
So How about this Canon HV20 ? I dont think Vegas 7 will work with the codec for the HDV (will it?) and will my old Pentium 4 with 3 gig ram render it? Or make a standard DVD with it? . Sorry I have no idea on these things. But you say the HV20 will shoot in standard definition mode? I really do need something ALLOT better than my Canon VR500. It is not sharp, goes out of focus on manual focus, and yes it is a $250 camera so what did I expect.
Anyway your help is much appreciated. I need to get something soon, so give me your best shot.

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