Hi I recently enrolled in



I recently enrolled in a class for film making. The college uses Macs with Final Cut Pro.

I have always had PCs and currently using mostly Adobe products.

the question is, 90% of everything we do in class requires rendering. Even dropping a transition in requires rendering.

Is this something you Mac guys are used to or is it just a factor of the colleges systems?

I took note of their systems – they are 1ghz Mac Power PC G4, 1MB L3 cache, 1.75GB DDR SD Ram, OS V10.4.7

Awfully slow. Even on my old PC (which I dont even use for editing anymore – it was a P4 1.6ghz with 1G ram) I was used to real time effects, transitions etc. Only rendered before burning but everything was viewable as soon as the effect was applied.

is this normal? do you guys (and girls) experiance rendering everytime you change something?

In the class, you couldent even see the video that you dropped into the timeline if there was something that needed rendering.

And, last class I put togehter a short, maybe 5 min peice (more less to get used to Final Cut Pro) it took about 45 min to render and then it still had to be "made into a movie"

Maybe some of you are using newer systems like G5 etc? Id like to know this isent true of the newer systems??

oh yes, and the version of FCP they use is 5.1.1 – is this anywhere near current?


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