Hi, I have a Hitachi DZMV



I have a Hitachi DZMV550A minidv recorder. I have been using it to record my son hitting a baseball. I record onto a DVD RAM in the camera then download the clip onto my computer and look at it frame by frame to analyze his hitting mechanics. The problem is during the download process it appears data is lost. Some frames are missing. I was told this camrea was not set up for this type recording to look at frame by frame and I was also told that downloading using a USB cable is the problem. I was told I need a video camera that has a IEEE 1394 connection prot (The Hitachi does not have this type connection port).

I am looking for a new camcorder and have been checking out the cameras with hard drives. Specifically the JVC GZ-MG77. However, I found out it too does not have a IEEE 1394 connection but also uses a USB connection for downloading into computers. I was assured that there would be no data loss because I would be downloading from hard drive to hard drive. I am skeptical.

Any help would be appreciated.

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