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I got the chance to help tape a fashion show, and it was a pretty good experience. We used 3 cameras for a slightly different catwalk (it was in the shape of a T).

Like what Jim (on a roll) mentioned, it would be much, much better with a second camera.
See if you can find a young student passionate about video, excited to do anything with a camera.

If you had two camera people (and two cameras), I think it would be great if you can have one person manning a camera from the position Jim mention (45 degrees from the end of the catwalk), zoomed in just enough so when the model is closest, she fills the frame top to bottom. In my experiences, its pretty difficult to pan/tilt and zoom at the same time, so leave the focal length at that.
Have this camera constantly rolling as soon as the show starts, to get a good track of audio.

With the second camera, Tom’s position would be great.

With two cameras, you can cut to two different angles, and you would always have a backup to cut to (incase you lose balance near the catwalk or something and have to move the camera).

For editing, I would recommend a system that allows you to have at least two tracks of video, and more than 4 tracks or so of audio.


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