Hi, I am use Magix Edit Pr



I am use Magix Edit Pro 17 Plus version I can burn the AVCHD Blu-Ray on a DVD the program offer this option.

To do so you must respect 2 conditions:

1) The maximum project length is 30 minutes or less.

2) Need a Blu-Ray burner on the computer and on your TV need a Blu-Ray player.

Main advantage is the cost of media $0.50 for a DVD compare $2.50 for a Blu-Ray and more easy to find special inkjet DVD to print direct on than Blu-Ray.

Main disadvantage is poeple try to play a Blu-Ray with a regular DVD player and this not work.

How to find a solution to this problem.

I continue to burn DVD top quality to a DVD disk because if you move to quality to 14 and bit rate very high on a TV like a 50 or 52 inches the quality is about 80% of a Blu-Ray naturally B-R offer more detail and crystal colors but pusking to the maximum the DVD quality can avoid B-R media costing too much for the moment and incompatibility.



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