Hi, Here is my visualizat



Here is my visualization of this.

Go handheld. Use wide angle lens if possible.

Tripod OK but may get in the way if crowded and you find you need to move around.

Go auto focus.

For starters I would fix my manual exposure for a setting just short of blowing out the models faces when they are immediately opposite you, hopefully within 3-4 feet.

Get right next to the side of cat walk about two-thirds of the way down (two thirds from curtain; one third from end of catwalk).

Regardless of video glitches, keep cam rolling to capture complete soundtrack and applause points.

As model starts at stage/curtain and heads your direction down the catwalk, zoom in (steady not rushed) and try to keep her centered. As she approaches, try to get into a good rhythm for zooming out (i.e., going from tele to wide angle) so that when model is passing you, you are in max wide angle. As she passes, you are slowly zooming in again (i.e., going from wide to tele). Not as hard as it sounds. Living in DC, I have sometimes shot video of Presidential motorcades. Action starts at a distance, its right in front of you, then its in the distance again, All Very Quickly. You can practice on passing cars, except without curious Secret Service escorts or motorcycle cops coming over to say hope you are having a nice day.

For steadiness, pan with your body, not just your hands and the camera. For example, if the cam is braced on your upper chest and you are using the flip out for framing, twist your upper torso from right to left (or vice versa), not just your elbows, as your cam follows the action. Swivel chair works great if youve got one. Tripod not ruled out.

As the model is passing you for the second time, heading back for the stage/curtain, at some point you may want to stop panning, hold the cam stationary, and let the model walk out of the frame. This could be timed as the next model is starting her catwalk and enable you to smoothly zoom in on the next model to start the cycle over.

If your cam has a zoom ring on the lens barrel, you might try using that vs a rocker zoom control. Using the ring, I find I have a better grip on the cam with the hand that is doing the zooming, throughout the zooming process. Better for steadiness.

For variety and editing purposes (and just getting the feel of things), you can also leave the cam in wide for entire cycles. With a wide angle, this would present the model in miniature one minute in blowup the next. Also, capture the panorama of the whole environment. However, my thing is for the cam to be as tight as possible on the model for the whole catwalk trip, thus the point of the busy tele to wide to tele to wide to walking out of frame action.

Once the show starts, if you have any major reservations about where you are positioned and think you see a better spot, move over there at some point, even if not opportune. (Keep the cam rolling for the soundtrack.)


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