Hi, Here is a scene possi



Here is a scene possibility that you may want to consider on your travels. For me, it is one that got away.

While bouncing around last October in Province Ilocos Norte, island of Luzon, several hours bus ride north of Manila, me and my production partner, Alex, a Filipino, were tooting around on a tricycle (Filipino for motorcycle with sidecar) when he suddenly told the driver to stop. Alex had been a Mormon and had done some missionary work in Germany. He had spotted a tricycle preparing to leave the gate of a well appointed tabernacle compound sitting in dramatic contrast to the weathered but sturdy dwellings of that part of town. So we went over to meet the bishop and two young lads from the States. Both were wearing wide ties and white shirts, a bit comical I thought, and the first U.S. business attire we had seen since arriving in the Philippines a few weeks earlier. (Temp and humidity were both around 90.) One of them had some vestments over his forearm; and they were setting off for his first christening as a missionary in the Philippines. We chattered briefly and then everyone went on their way. Due to: Fatigue, we were on our way to an appointment, it wasnt one of the themes we had in mind at the time, more fatigue, etc etc, I didnt start shooting as I almost always did for any and all reasons in the Philippines. I broke my rule: When shooting a doc the ONLY priority is to keep the tape rolling.

I regret that I did not shoot this little scene and follow those lads for the big moment. Not sure if would have been allowed, although my friend Alex was getting on well with the bishop. Also, (many times, not always) it is easier to beg forgiveness for a video faux pas than to ask permission.

I dont know if you will be the player on the stage for a scenario such as the above, but if so, you might want to plan for it, which would mean directing an assistant in the handling of your cam and the shots to be taken as you perform your duties in front of the cam. With fellow missionaries on site, that opens up your options and would facilitate this kind of a shoot if you are inclined.

Happy Trails!


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