Hi, Good perspective Thoma


Good perspective Thomas T!
There have been so many travel shows/series, many done very well. How to do something different as well as competent and have access to a market???
Steve, you haven’t mentioned being an archeologist, icthyeologist (professor of fish/spelling??), or even a historian, but you seem to be a sailing ship dude. So perhaps adventures on your tall ship could be a major theme. Maybe a commercial you could sell to Holland, Come Back to Aruba; Lose Yourself On Our Beaches??
In any event, you need to shoot some demo’s based on your own trips for starters. You will find that you may not have as much time to enjoy your trips when you are making a professional level doc about the experience. Or you will enjoy it in a different way and you may draw a higher class of dates who are willing to hang out for takes 3, 4, and 5. If you want to be the talent in front of the camera, I may be available to shoot your show for a slight fee.
A few years ago, one of my crazy ideas was to explore hiring myself out to individuals of means taking extravagant exotic trips who might want docs of their trips. These same individuals afterall spend nice sums of money on docs of their extravagant exotic weddings! It appeared that I would be needing to spend lots of money for placing advertising (5 figures) in the hoitey toitey travel mags to get it rolling and that sort of took the wind out of my sails.
It happened kind of out of the blue that last year I shot about 20 hours of video over almost 4 weeks of a US Filipino couple’s trip back to their roots in the Philippines. Still a work(s) in progress, we are preparing grant applications to try get funding for a serious doc on expat land property rights based on some of this footage (including smiling faces of squatters residing on Uncle Alex’s supposed property.) For a travelogue on where and how poor people live in the Philippines, check out info on the moderately successful theatrically released film, Cavite, on http://www.imdb.com. (That’s for internet movie data base.) Made for under $10K I believe. The Cavite entry includes my review of the film.
Good luck in your endeavors.

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