Hi,(Glad to be back. Th



(Glad to be back. The Videomaker website had a onehundredpercent record over the last couple weeks of freezing up my whole computer system (XP/Toshiba laptop). No other site was messing me up like this. Something from Chico was causing a meltdown of my Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0, so I got rid of it. Going back to 5.0 cured it. Fingers crossed.)

I like your website. Between this and repeat customers you must be thriving. I may be revisiting your Useful Links.

Note that your opening page is all static. If it didnt say video everywhere, Id a thought you were a digital still photography service. This page looks like it was removed from a print magazine and pasted there.

Made me wince your statement in the post (not your website), I hate trying to search sites that have so many Now if you are a clone of your target audience, that may be OK. What is relevant is this, how your current target audience feels about this (that you already have in the bag) and how your future target audience might feel about this (those who are in the relevant market that you have not reached yet). The beginning and end of it is business. If dazzle or something else serves the business purpose, or at least does not get in the way, you have a winner!

Many aviators are older (e.g., 40 and up) and may not have the impatience of an audience pinned (rightly or wrongly) with the attention deficit label. Pre-flight checks take more than 30 seconds. This m.o. might be there for dealing with websites.

I am not into the gluttonous use of effects and clutter on visuals that is considered hot by a lot. When CNN introduced massive clutter in lower thirds some 20 or so years ago, it was IMHO a drag on visual aesthetics for the ages. But where would web sites be without this so oh well When you are reading subtitles, you may be missing the nuances, even basic info, in the visuals. (So I watch foreign films more that once to get the visual information.) My bottom line here is that I do concur on the simpler is better aesthetic!

Best Regards Tom 8)

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