highmeadowhiker Wrote:16:9


highmeadowhiker Wrote:

16:9 and 4:3, or just 16:9 only. Family members who have old 4:3 TV will just have to view skinny people.

They would not have to, their DVD player will letterbox video for them.

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really good low light recording, without much noise introduced by gain. Under 2 lb. in weight

First requires big chip, big lens oh and big price, thus your requirements contradict each other.

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HD Mini DV tape. I understand that the world may be trending HDD and mini DVD, but not yet for me. On the other hand, If high capacity memory cards truly are significantly better than HD tape, tell me why.

Tape is dying. The best solution is solid state interchangeable memory cards. 2GB card costs $20 or less, 4GB card can be easily found, 8GB cards will soon be the norm for everyday consumer. Since one needs a computer anyway to create something decent out of raw stuff, the cards are the best. They are not susceptible to humidity and dust like tapes, for shocks like DVDs, for shocks and low pressure like HDDs. Memory cards is the future. No, it is the present.

highmeadowhiker Wrote:

1080i HD

This is the most crappy HD standard first because it is interlaced, and interlaced is evil, ’nuff said. Second because it’s impossible to realize all 1920×1080 pixels with pitiful 25Mbps rate of HDV or 15Mbps rate of AVCHD. Either the rate should be faster, like 100Mbps on higher-level cams (and the cards should be more capacitous) or the resolution should be lower. For today level of technology and today’s level of bitrates 720p is superior to 1080i. The only kind of 1080 worth buying is 1080p, but there are currently no available capacities (recording, transmitting) for that. Well, 1080p/24 is not bad, especially for film look, but for regular everyday videotaping its frame rate is too low.

highmeadowhiker Wrote:

I want simple and easy prevention of more than a few seconds of wasteful ground shooting, which often happens when someone forgets to turn off the camcorder, and it hangs down from its strap

The battery should be inserted from the front πŸ™‚

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