Hi, From your website, it



From your website, it appears that you are charging $995 to put each interview on the website; and you dont have a camera, and dont know what camera to get, and you only want to pay $800 for the cam to shoot these interviews, which suggests that you dont have basic knowledge about videocams. (Although its true, you dont need a really good cam to put OK quality on a website; but if I were you I wouldnt want to be tethered to OK also known as mediocre.)

This apparently is for a medical conference (Radiology) in Chicago, where registrants (or their companies) are typically paying a lot of money (over $1000) to attend and another $2000 to get there, stay there, eat and be entertained there. I dont think too many will be trying to save money at the Southside Budget Know-Tell. In other words, high quality is going to pervade this Conference at many levels.

Currently, it appears, industry reps can get a transcribed interview on your website for free, and for only $995 they can move up to the platinum video interview!

Under all these circumstances, the overriding factor should be your absolute focus on producing a professional high quality product that is worth $995 for the sound bite on your website. Your success (or lack) this time will send out a resilient (non-disappearing) roaring message that will have in its grip how this service is greeted in 2008.

In Chicago, there must be more than 100 video production companies in the yellows and/or with websites that can handle this assignment with ease (because they do it all the time). I strongly suggest that you hire one of them. Your role can be any or all of Consultant, Coordinator, Interviewer, Producer. Also, you can study how the video pro does it, a little OJT on your part. Even with that, you will be the boss and get to creatively intervene if you see the need. Next year, you will know (more of) what you are doing and can make a much more informed decision/recommendation on whether you should run the shoot or again bring in a video pro.


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