Hi, From an HD standpoint,



From an HD standpoint, the Pannie you are planning to get looks like a winner from the specs. Still, you think youcanget something to complement at less than a third the price of your basic cam !!!

On the other hand,yourplanned cam and consumer/prosumer HDin general still has the low light problem. If you are going tobe shooting weddings in chapel/cathedral/Justice of thePeace waiting room available light conditions, seriously consider making a Sony VX2100 or PD170 your primary cam and your target cam the backup.

Doesn’t look like they are publishing specs on theaudio for target cam. This maymean that this cam shares an interesting aspect of other consumer HD cams: inferior audio to SD cousins. In order to get the 1080 lines, the engineerspoached tape away fromthe audio portion of the tape; more tape space for image, lesstape space than still standard on SD cams for audio. Interesting that there are two XLR inputs on this cam, so could they have solved this problem somehow ?? Needs to be researched if you are doing serious music video/concert work. A separate audio recording deck would be a solution, or a good mike cabled/transmitted into astandard def PD170 backup cam.

If I had the money you are going to spend on your cams (($6-7K), they way I shoot, typically ENG style, away from studio lighting, I’d pick up two PD170’s. HD isin my future not my present.

Caveat Emptor Rules !!!


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