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Endeavor is absolutely right. I spent 1300 on a VX2000 on ebay (actually, I got a great deal because it was the videographer’s backup camera so he hardly ever used it). That was last year, so prices may have dropped a little bit.

However, I just spent about $500 on my audio setup. And that’s a ‘budget’ setup! I got a Rode NTG-2, which is one of the cheapest ‘good’ mics. Not many mics in that price range offer 20Hz to 20Khz, battery or phantom power (I’m using battery right now to forego the costs of a phantom power providing mixer right now). You’ll also want to get an XLR adapter for your camera (since cameras in your price range probably won’t have built-in XLR). You can pick up a Beachtek DXA-4 (they have one specifically for the Sony VX series as well as Canon GL series and other versions of cameras) for fairly cheap. You’ll also want to get XLR cables (a 50′ cable and either a 20′ or 25′ would suffice). Then a good pair of monitoring headphones (I recomend the Sennheiser HD-280’s. They sound great, are comfortable, and can be picked up factory refurbished on eBay for less than similar Sonys and such). Finally you’ll want a shockmount for the mic (mine came bundled with it from B&H), as well as a boom pole (pick up a painter’s pole or a light changer pole for a cheap solution). That’s a pretty basic setup for sound (though keep in mind shotgun mics aren’t the best for indoor sound), and should be good for you filming outside and the like.

Another thing you might want to consider is lighting. You could go to a place like B&H and buy a really expensive, 3-point lighting kit with all the fixings, but a great alternative for gorilla/low-budget indie filmers is to go to Home Depot (or your favorite hardware store) and pick up several of the hallogen work lights they sell. These won’t be as good as a professional lighting kit, but at 100 dollars for a decent Home Depot setup compared to 3000 dollars or more for a pro lighting kit, I think it’s pretty worth it for low-budget.

All-in-all, it might be easier to rent stuff as Endeavor suggested. If you look around your area, you might be able to, when you rent a camera, get a camera man with it!

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