Hi, Edison invent the trad



Edison invent the traditional Tungsten lamp the element is a tungsten wire like the element in a toaster the quartz halogen the bulb is quartz and inside fill with an halogen or metal halide. The light produce similar to a neon tube but tinted yellow and very bright and very hot. All light is cover with a glass and a grill. Never touch with your finger a quartz light when you install the bulb because just the grease or oil in your skin on the bulb during lighting can help to melt the bulb. Is scarce that an explosion occur but this is possible and for this reason that the lamp is cover with a special glass plate and a grill the grill is to protect the glass plate and probably keep away any material touching the hot surface. Remark you can build your own material to work at home but the day you move outside to work with border line material like me that one day go to shot the interior of a brand new jet and the lamp fall on a seat I am very lucky this day. The lesson, today we have all new lighting device better to invest then get in trouble for nothing. Think that the quartz light can explose, that you can burn your fingers or burn clothe, burn gel etc… Also we have one case that a talent during a repetition be injuried by a bulb explosion.

Halogen is the family of fluor, chlore, brome and iode (Fluorine, chlorine, bromine, iodine) metal halide is like NaCl a metal combined with an halogen.



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