Hi, Don’t lose your seat.



Don’t lose your seat.

Re table, so you are above it all. That would work maybe. Precautions of course; you don’t want to fall off and have a very short career! Also, you don’t want to block view of audience. Generally, we videoguys are fan-toms, not very visible, unless we are part of the shew. Also, if you do something ummmm you didn’t want to do, that faux pas will have an audience and you will have been part of the show after all.

In the olden daze when there was something called film grammar, the camera looking up (low angle) was said to give a lot of drama/melodrama to the subject, or more simply in film grammar terms This Was Someone/Something Heroic or at least Important. (Check out the film Citizen Kane for the complete "rules of grammar" if you want to learn about this so you can either be informed or be defiant.)

In any event, a low angle is still very dramatic and if you are shooting from a chair or floor level looking up, esp when the model is closest, this will be a powerful shot, more powerful than if you were at the same level as catwalk with the help of a table. You could crouch on the table for same effect, but you definitely add to your risk of doing a somersault if you quickly stand from that position. πŸ˜€


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