Hi, Cool project. I have



Cool project. I have shot footage of my fathers hanger with the door up (side of a house analogy) and the Florida sun blasting into the hanger probably around a 10 to 11 am timeframe. As with most things film and video you have to try out different approaches and see what works the best for your unique situation/message.

Heres some whatever thoughts to add to the ideas above.

The bright sun is not videos best friend. It is close to being the worst enemy. Depending on the colors of the subject, you could end up with impossible to avoid blow out effects, unless large masses of inky black in the background is not a problem.

An overcast day can avoid the blow out effect and could be ideal.

I havent seen a serious structured comparison bet HD and movie film, so dont know if there has been a catch up. Pre HD, the rule of thumb was that you got 10 times more range of midtones/shadow AND highlight detail from film vs video. Film is still a major industry choice for filming commercials, something to consider.

In a series of commercials, you can definitely see differences in visual quality from commercial to commercial, local business vs national campaign being an obvious but not unique example. If a commercial looks great compared to commercials running at the same time, that extra quality could have an impact on how on the audience reacts to it and the product.

If you shoot with the sun low, the sun may be lighting up the back of the hanger at ceiling level. If you shoot in later morning the top of the opening for the door will block the sun coming into the back of the hanger. In either case, the front of the airplane will be sun blasted.

If the front of the plane is sun blasted, the back of the plane will be in shadow, from perspective of shooting from back of hanger. These are considerations if you want to shot match. However, there seems to be universal avoidance of shot matching these days.

Consider shooting inside the hanger, camera towards closed door, then door is opened with the sun dramatically pouring in as the scene unfolds.

Further drama would be added if a plane were coming up the taxi way to park in the hanger, synched to the door opening. (Even though not realistic. Hanger doors are often left open for duration of a flight operation.)

Have a great shoot.


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