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Films are made by teams. Your recognition and acceptance of this basic fact gives you a head start as you organize your neighborhood’s first filmmaking club. John Waters, famed director from and of Baltimore, found most of his crew and (crazy) cast for his early films from among his immediate neighbors. During this period, he thought editing was when the film in the film magazine ran out or so he sez in an interview. Anyway, he learned his craft back in the working class ‘hood with his friends and today is a major industry director.

There are at least hundreds of formal and informal groups around the nation engaged in making films. They are feeding the Nation’s hundreds of film festivals with thousands of films.

Docs in Progress in DC is a stalwart helping starting and advanced filmmakers in the DC area. Check the website: http://www.docsinprogress.org/

Although, the facilities of a university are used, anyone can participate and be screened at docs in progress; and almost anyone can rent from the university’s vast collection of video equipment.


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