Hi, Being tech savvy has



Being tech savvy has relevance if the subject of the video is in your area of tech expertise; or if you ever got to the editing stage you would be able to deal with crashes!

Not clear if your company has 3 employees or 3000; I would guess in the 3 to 300 range. Whatever, you still have room to exercise initiative and make you and your company look good. Use technology to track down companies that might have similar safety orientation issues or sites that directly address these issues, to be the subject of the video. Find out how training has been done on the subject by others. A video may be a great idea; or it may have been an arbitrary call that falls short of other approaches. There may be videos out there that that can be used commercial off the shelf AKA COTS or that can be adapted. Perhaps the producers of a similar video can be contracted to do your companys video. Many years ago, I was out of the blue directed in front of the top Commanders of a major Army installation to develop a comic book to illustrate answers to workers comp problems. In private the Big Boss later concurred with me that it was a dumb idea and it was dropped. Whether its a video solution, new or borrowed, or another approach, do a good job of supporting your recommendation on the media to be used AND the execution.

Footnote. About 30 years ago I ended up being assigned and credited as Coordinator of a Performance Appraisal training video for HUD. It certainly wasnt because of training or video expertise at the time. The hardest part, taking by far the most time, was getting the script ready. (The equivalent of a large committee ended up picking at the script.) The actual shooting took 2 days in the HUD cafeteria and offices. A young Ron Canada played one of the supervisors in this low budget US Govt training video shot in Washingon DC. Canada has gone on to play perhaps more Chief of Policy characters in TV shows over the next 3 decades than any one in history. He was the bar owner/Generals son in one of my favorite films, John Sayles’ Lonestar. In any event, he was strong actor who got the attention of employees while on screen during the training video.

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