Hi, Are you in/near a cit



Are you in/near a city with a university having a med school AND a film school?

Public hospitals may be less uptight than private. I have shot on the sly in a predominantly Latina/Asian client hospital in LA, but I was quick and didnt make a big deal about it. Shooting unobtrusively is an art/skill; i.e., shooting but not acting like it and getting usable footage.

Pay big respect to local concerns about privacy and liability, because thats where they are coming from.

Once did a doc in a big city morgue (Portland OR, OK medium city), but knew a guy living upstairs, a med student. Major diff with a hospital corridor, this is the world of the non living, frozen or just rigid. Other than that, institutional feel is similar. School corridors, ones without lockers, also have that feel.

Outpatient clinics, including for surgery, are all over and might be an option. Gurneys not hard to find in these places.

Do you have any doctors as neighbors?

Do a web search using stock footage hospital and you will find many source/samples. Consider shooting bluescreen and matching action to stock footage clips. Might give you a psych ward feel (with mismatched angles, colors, and such). Write it into the script!


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