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Another perspective:
Your questions suggest that you dont know anything about video and have no experience. It takes a ton of knowhow/discipline/patience to translate a plan/dream into a video product that will be of interest to a particular marketing niche, so that they will want to see it or own it. Francis Coppola, in a documentary (Hearts of Darkness) on the making of his film Apocalypse Now, offered the reflection/speculation that someday a young teen would take her daddys camera and create a film work of genius, perhaps another Citizen Kane. I think he should have added that this might be true if the young teen has the brilliance of Leonardo Da Vinci, The Beatles, or Picasso. However, all others (and this applies to fishing video producers too) will need to work hard at this craft and/or take a class or workshop or two (or find a patient mentor with lots of time). Also, you might want to acquire some videos that exist in the hunting and fishing fields, and study them shot by shot, scene by scene. What would you do the same or differently in your videos. Does the voiceover suck? What would be your slant? If you find yourself scratching down a shot list of ten or twenty items you want to appear in your video, and without much effort, well maybe you do have a special aptitude that needs to be discovered.
As for the gear, suggest that you get an inexpensive ($200-400), maybe used camcorder as a starter camcorder, one that you will feel comfortable about taking on fishing and hunting trips, which will subject your cam to moisture and other environmental wear and tear. Start shooting and getting comfortable with putting a camera in the face of your friends as they hunt and fish. This would be a good start.

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