HI, 1) you need 3 harddri



1) you need 3 harddrives to work properly. (not a partitioned drive)

A) OS drive and programs only
B) Cature/work drive (most important to be by itself.)
C) Render to drive render time is hampered greatly by using the same drive that your work is on)

the biggest issues i see
1) your video card is not designed for HDV, if you added just 1 overlay you would have major issues. Minimum Nvidia 7600. (quadro 1500 recommended)
2) with the 915 chipset (the first "PCIE" from intel the faster the video card the more it took from your PCI bus)
this included you firewire and harddrives as they are also on the pci bus.
you might be ok with the newer video card i would try that first as no matter what you need it.


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