Hi, 1) Oh yeah that debate



1) Oh yeah that debate does rage. Sometime back (1-2 years) there were some very informative posts on this forum on this topic, but I don’ know if they are searchable. I’ve met a couple filmmakers who swore by the PAL version of the 150/170 due to (they said) superior quality when converted to film.

2)Really, to heck with the forumsand the yackity yack; can’t you do an a/b test? It’s video tape afterall, not film. My favorite test is see for myself.

3) If theambitions are strictly for the TV screen and DVD media (i.e.,not 12 by 18 foot theatrical screens) will anybody really be able to see a difference.Are your producers just biased or do they actually have recent experience supporting their preference.

4) I expect demand for an NTSB cam wouldbe low in HK, due to demand/buyer’s market. If if were a new cam, the market would be tourists, but used…

5) Although it might present another transfer issue, your PD 170 can shoot in DVCAM (50% faster tape speed). There are gains in quality. However, ifothers are shooting their PAL 170’s in DVCAM format (as I assume they would be in order to max the quality), then this is not a decisiveargument for your NTSBmodel.

6) Onceupon a time, I knew of a source for a PAL 150 in Phuket Thailand. He(an Austrian) and hisThai family livedon the other side of the peninsula from where the tsunami hit; they survivedbut their community was devastated. Haven’t been in contact since about 6 months after the tsunami. If you want me to check re his resources, send me a PM.

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