Hi zzzstephen, Idon’tknow


Hi zzzstephen,

Idon’tknow ifI agreewith enhancingcolors, but a polarizingfilter does helpreducereflections,whichcancomein handy.

The way I understand it,an ND filter helpstoreduce the lightcominginto thecamera sothat youcan keep the aperature openwider (andthus achieve a greater DoFas yousaid).

Ican’tsaywhichfilter will be better for you, that sortof depends on what you planto film.Of course, youcould always lookfor asetoffilters thatfits yourcamera threadsthatis apackageofall 3 (or youcanbuy themseparately).Ilike Tiffen brand becausethey are affordable and decent quality.From whatIhear, B+Wis one of the best brands, but theyare also very expensive.

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