Hi Zac – I would recommend


Hi Zac – I would recommend:

– three $199 F&V ring lights,

– two light stands for $27.75,

– three $9 Sony NP-F550 batteries,

– a $40 rail mount to mount one of the lights in front of your camera and

– a dual battery charger for $19.

– Ring lights are extremely flattering – in an emergency, when you only have one, you can shoot through the middle of the ring and still get even lighting – plus the F&Vs put out a lot of light for their size while remaining cool to the touch.
– And there's no need to fool with umbrellas or soft boxes if you have three of the $25 milk diffusion filters.
– Please take a look at this Diva Ring Light review to see what you can do with one, two or three ring lights.
– I own both the F&V and a Diva and they are the best lighting investments I've made in 40 years of video and filmmaking.
Hope this is helpful!

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