Hi Woody, thank you!


Hi Woody, thank you!


I expect my new laptop to arrive fedex on wednesday.  It is a dell xps 15, with 512 solid state drive, with 16gb memory, and 4th gen icore 7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 2GB GDDR5 video card,

my hope is that this system will be able to handle the work load and then some.


here is what i want to do and i want the best, and dont mind paying for it:


I want to play each of the 48 clips using whatever software…and cut the best of each clip, add the different cuts together, then add text to the clips…speed up some frames, slow down other frames to add effect and so forth…to finalize, i want to add music.


so, with all the above in mind, would you still recommend your method, or can we think even bigger?


thanks again for replying…who knows, maybe after this experiment, i will really enjoy editing, and pick it up as a fun hobby, ive got tons of cell phone and camera videos 



new york

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