Hi Weston – the FS700 is a


Hi Weston – the FS700 is a fabulous camera for shorts and weddings. People are doing great work with it. If you want to move up to features at some point in the future, though, you might have some challenges with the FS700’s 8 bit color space and AVCHD codec. At some point, 4K will provide you with some improvement in image quality, but we don’t know for sure what the implementation will look like.

In the meantime, the the Sony F3 is coming down in price, and wins most comparisons between the two cameras:http://www.dslrnewsshooter.com/2012/06/16/sony-fs700-canon-5dmkii-sony-f3-low-light-battle/

And of course, there’s all the beautiful work that’s being shot with the F3:



You can get the PL mount version for $13,160 with $800 rebate from Sony. I would use it with converted still to PL mount lenses. You can find a relatively inexpensive PL mount lens (converted Zeiss 120mm)here.

Even if you don’t get the F3, you can save some money on the other items on your list. Instead of getting your lights from Cowboy Studio directly for $355 – you can get the exact same kit from Amazon for $220.

And instead of that $340 Manfrotto leg/fluid head combo, I’d get a Ravelli AVT Professional fluid head tripod for $120and a Ravelli dolly for $33.

I’d also spend a little less on that slider. You can save a few dollars by ordering the Kamerar 47″ instead of the Opteka. Same slider with a different brand name on it for a little less money.

I am also a fan of the $230 Azden SGM-2X switchable omni/cardioid boom mic over the $270 Rode NTG-2.

Hope this is helpful – and good luck with your decision – it’s a tough one.



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