Hi wanderer, good to know you


Hi wanderer, good to know you're on the Forum.                                                                       Hello  mrveronn, glad to hear of any clubs like yours in Canada, I'm located in Peterborough, Ontario, formerly lived in Toronto. I'm on the Cassie Tips List, You folks should join by contacting moderator Carroll Lam at cassie-tips@listserv2.dakota.net  You'll find it very informative about all things to do with Casablanca. Lets get more Canucks in there !      I don't imagine any of your members ever attended Jim Meeker's March Get Together (MGT) in the U.S.? These were annual get togethers of Casabalnca users sharing our editing experiences and meeting a great bunch of guys and gals. The last one was held in the small town of Bettendorf, Iowa, on the shores of the Mississipi. You were talking about green screen with Casablanca editors not being as good as other systems. I have had great success with Casblanca software called Bluebox World, and always found it woeked like a charm as you can see in that video I shot at that MGT.  I like to make music videos and karake videos just for fun, and while at this recent MGT, I thought I'g get e few of the guys to dress up like females. I rentd costumes, feahtered boas, and wigs and tras nsformed these guys into the uglist bunch of dames you ever saw, and they lip synced to that ols Supremes hit You Can't Hurry Love. All of this was green screened using Bluebox World.                          Take a look.http://vimeo.com/38722592                                                                                              Cheers, Len Vine

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