Hi VTexan,

AvatarDaniel Bruns

Hi VTexan,


Congratulations on the recent purchase of a Canon XA20!


I have been using Manfrotto tripods for years now and have found them to be fairly reliable. I have only had to fix a Manfrotto tripod once after a group of students got too abusive with their tripod (the leg got bent). Even so, I would still recommend Manfrotto due to its decent prices, quality of build, and huge selection. Just keep in mind though that this is the opinion of but one "professional"!


If you do go with Manfrotto, the best tripod for your XA20 might be the 504HD head and the 546B 2-Stage Aluminum tripod system: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/683563-REG/Manfrotto_504HD_546BK_504HD_Head_w_546B_2_Stage.html. Though the 504HD is bigger than your camcorder's weight strictly requires, I have found that overcompensating for weight is always a good idea since you may add more items to the camcorder in the future and since it tends to steady the shot more than one that is right at the weight limit. In addition, the 546B tripod has a bowl which will allow you to level your tripod head just by twisting the lock underneath the bowl of the tripod. Lastly, the tripod also has the ability to get fairly high (66 inches) and very low (18 inches) which will give you more options when setting up your shots. I can't tell you how often I've needed to get my tripods lower to the ground but couldn't due to a center column that was too large or to legs that wouldn't spread.


Hopefully that helps!


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