Hi VTexan – for Final Cut


Hi VTexan – for Final Cut owners, I recommend the JVC HM150 (on sale for $1995 at Adorama, $2015 at Amazon as of this post).  It shoots .mov at up to 35mbps and can be cut in FCP without transcoding or conversion.


Here is what this camera can do (Brazilian street parade):




If you are willing to look at large sensor interchangeable lens cameras, the other camera I recommend is the $1249 (body only) Panasonic GH3.  It is a DSLR- type camera without a mirror – Panasonic calls them DSLMs.  It also shoots .mov up to 1080/60p and 50mbps – so no transcoding.  Here is what it can do in a similar setting:



This example was shot with the Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 lens ($999 from Digitalrev) – so the camera plus lens is about the same price as a decent camcorder.


Again, hope this is helpful!



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