Hi VideoRookie, You got so


Hi VideoRookie,

You got some solid advice from EarlC. I would just like add my own and tell you a little about myself.

I am now 62. I retired two years ago. I used to work in the television industry first as a cameraman then as a documentary Producer. It is only since retiring that I bought my own video gear and then realized that there is money to be made. Would you believe that I am now making twice as much as I used to make as an employee? If I had only known that I could have made money doing my own video business I’d have left my job before.

But as a professional doing business you have to deliver good work. Steady, properly exposed shots with good focus.(auto focus works well most of the time). Good audio is vital. Learn DVD authoring. If you are shooting weddings and events use two cameras and edit. Most of my business have come from referrals. You give customers good work and they tell others about you. To get some experience do some free work. Watch other people’s work and techniques. Strive to learn more. And when you start don’t expect to make a pile of money right away. It takes time. Keep your fees low at the beginning.

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