Hi Tom, Thanks a tonne for


Hi Tom,

Thanks a tonne for the quick reply. Your post was helpful. We are indeed shooting in DVCAM mode and also on bumped up RGB settings to maximise color use.I’m still curious though as to how much quality we’ll lose if we transfer from NTSC to PAL. I’ve been ringing around a few shops, and the price reflects the quality, but even the best algorithims must lose some quality. Have you had any experience in that area?

Because the producers are based in India, I think it’s the extra hassle they have to go through to preview NTSC footage alongside previous PAL footage that’s annoying to them. I can understand that. This film does have a tight budget so extra cogs in the works aren’t appreciated – though the issue can be worked around.

Thanks for the offer of the Sony PD150p, I’llcertainlykeep that in mind if that’s alright as good second PAL cameras can be hard to come across.

Thanks again for your help.


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