Hi to All, Your problem lo


Hi to All,

Your problem look like a keying problem, you use toowideor broad range color selection and use some color filling your picture. To correct this use the Threshold button or the tolerance button to reduce the pixel range selection.

To test your procedure use a paint program and make a jpeg 720 x 480 or 640 x 480 fill the background with pure green RGB code R=0, G=255 and B=0 write a big letter over the background use white color or any color except green. Save the JPG format and try your procedure. The result must be perfect using a narrow range pixel selection.

From your existing work export in JPG a frame containing your green picture and using a paint program use the eye dropper to check the uniformity of the background color and the picture (RGB code)

Check the variation of the background.

Normally the Windows Paint program use the Edit colors function, and Custom color selection to access the eyedropper. Any paint program can be use.



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