hi to all,


hi to all,

i thank all very much for the replies

my primary job is not directly related to video but from time to time i need to render for dvd’s for music i have created so that’s why i use sony vegas 5

sony vegas 5 cost very cheap (ebay buy late 2009)

yes, i know all about sony vegas 5 limitations and that’s why i use xilisoft video converter for my conversions

the converted avi files from those 3gp videos plays well on sony vegas but i found the crop function too tricky so i tried something simple…

i have burn a dvd straight from the converted avi files with sony dvd architect 4 (bitrate 4500 including acc3 sound) and the video looks quite good on my tv set (22″ lg led)

i have to say that i really like the sony’s mpg2 codec and i haven’t had any problem till now


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