Hi, this was my first fou


Hi, this was my first fourm i made 5 months ago. i just ramdomly checked up on it and someone replied. Guess what. i JUST got platinum pro 9! I totally thought it had way more(3d track motion, Masking) Guess not. I am resorting to custom made home brewed plugins. But!! if your willing to pay money i found a site for you…. 5 min. later. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I just checked. The amazing plugin was not what i expected!!!
it was around $700! Anyway hear is what im looking at..


don’t get me Wrong. its a pretty good software. but if anyone has any idea on how to

a)Get a plugin(s) On 3d track motion or Masking

B)Find an upgrade to pro for Cheap

C)Tell me its is phisicly impossible

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