Hi There, I have been busy


Hi There,

I have been busy over New Year installing into my computer a music-creation programme known as ‘Quickscore’, a product of a Vancouver-based organisation, ‘Sionsoft’. The upgrade replaces an earlier version of the same programme which I had used since 2008, or possibly late 2007 and it has quite a few useful enhancements over its earlier version.

In fact, at the time I installed my original ‘Quickscore’, literature detailing how it was to be installed to work alongside ‘Kontakt’ was non-existent and I had to go to various web-sites and see how other software, ‘Cakewalk’ etc, was installed and then return to my own problem and proceed by trial-and-error, intuition, divine inspiration, guesswork and at times, plain bloody-mindedness. The installation I had achieved failed to ‘deliver’ more than 80 percent and the outcomes (eg ‘wave-files’ of each instrument-group for re-mixing), had a background of baffling residual ‘noise’, which, using the knowledge I have accumulated over the last few days, must have bee due to an ‘open’ input somewhere in the system. However, with much better and more detailed literature now available, I have been able to create a much superior installation this time, with no background noise to mar the results, which with (now) a sampling-rate of 48kHz (as against 41k maximum, for the ‘old’ version), and the possibility of 24-bit as opposed to 16-bit’depth’ of the audio previously, I intend to make the most of.Once I understood the inputs/outputs, MIDI-channels and other details of the operation, the simplest way of getting the desired results has been to use the ‘Kontakt’ outputs, using a channel specially set-up as a ‘master’ and with everything outputted throughstereo-track 1 and 2. I tried other configurations, but that resulted in more thantwo tracks, (eg ‘stereo right/left’ feeding out up to eight-track material which was incompatible with any other audio software which I use). Therefore the excellent mixing-mastering facilities built into ‘Quickscore’ have been, effectively by-passed and that work is done in ‘Kontakt’ instead.

However, I went further and have now integrated ‘Quickscore/Kontakt’ with ‘Reaper’ my DAW of-choice, by means of ‘Reawire’. I am now able to ‘write’ audio material onto the tracks of ‘Reaper’, if/when it is of advantage to do-so, and I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the various other ‘Rea…..’ facilities yet, so further surprises maybe in-store in-the-future. Trouble is, that most ‘manuals’ I have to deal with these days, run to in-excess of 250 pages, or so.

And, what does all of this prove? Well not a hell-of-a-lot, as it happens; but it’s one of those tasks which it is nice to have ‘over’ for the present; ‘over’, that is until I set up my long-awaited ‘new’ computer in the coming months and have to do it ‘all-over-again’. Knowing that, from the outset, the installation I have just done was regarded simply as a ‘dry-run’ for having to do it all over again in a couple of months, except that next-time, it will be ‘just that much easier’. Finally, a word of advice. It was an unwritten rule in the design office which I used to work inthat after periods of intense concentration, I (and others), were permitted to go for a walk ‘around-the-block’ (or ‘wherever’), after an hour or so of intense concentration. My advice, when things aren’t going-right, is a brisk walk for about fifteen minutes in a cool, breeze. Nothing else I know of, clears the head better than that……..and, the only cost is, usually,that of the ‘time’. I recommend that, because until yesterday, I had suffered three fruitless days of ‘getting-nowhere’ with it all, returning to the various ‘manuals’ and so-on with my head spinning.

In the end, it turned out to be so easy and ‘obvious’ that I couldn’t work out what had been holding me up or where I had previously been going-wrong. In fact, I have saved most of the files from previous successful ‘tracks’ and think I may redo them, with the new improved ‘sound’ and finally uninstall the ‘old’ version which I had kept active, ‘just-in-case’.

Ian Smith

Dunedin, New Zealand

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