Hi there, Thanks for th


Hi there,
Thanks for the responses. The reason I am wanting to burn on DL is for one of the pieces of work that I do. I shoot live wrestling shows for a few different companies and it would be easier for me to give their post guy a single disc with their 4 hour show on it than 2 seperate discs. Not a huge issue, but I don’t want to lose quality on anything that I have to do that is over 2 hours and won’t fit on a standard dvd. For the music videos and filmwork I do, I would most likely be using standard dvds as I wouldn’t require the extra space. I was just wanting to dump my footage into my computer, burn it and give him a single disc.
Then I started wondering what was out there and what was recommended by people that have used them. Everything looks good on the box haha. Thanks for your helpful input.

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