Hi there I’ve had your pro


Hi there I’ve had your problem with the sound sync via the on board sound card of the pc the problem is the sound card buffer which is giving you this 5 second delay there is 2 solutions:

!: install an external sound card which has it’s own memory buffer or option 2.
2: upgrade to Pinnacles movie box capture card get the one with the phonos input and output box and this has the left and right phono audio input and output sockets as well as the picture sockets this capture card also lets you output your movie or files to tape and it has its own buffer builtin to reduce the sound delay problem.
I would go for option 2, as you can then output to a video recorder or an external dvd recorder hooked up to you tv.
when you have copied the tapes to hdd then eddit using Pinnacle Studio 12 this then gives you the option of enhancing the capture and seeing the render output to tape using the output to tape option and viewin on your tv before output to dvd the program I would recomend for output to dvd is Ulead MovieFactory 6.

Hope this Helps You Folks

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