Hi Theodore The most impor


Hi Theodore

The most important thing when trying to get your name out there by maybe offering your services to a few local schools for free to let them see your work and then build it up to local sports events.

Get yourself a business bank account so when you do get paid it has somewhere to go plus it shows your client that you are professional.

As far as software, then I would defo say After Effects for the graphics like you see onSky Sports(UK) or NFL (US) and for equipment then maybe a Steady Cam rig or something to that effect (Maybe a flycam 5000to start off with if you are on a budget) for smooth shots and to help hold your camera for the duration of the game.

When I started my business I went to see my bank manager and he put me in the right direction for making a business plan etc…..

All I can say is start off slow and build it from there….. Hope that helps a little bit?

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