Hi!  Technically, yes, but it


Hi!  Technically, yes, but it will depend on your level of Membership to depermine whether you'll have access to everything in a particular Toolkit.  The Toolkits are mixed media which includes the Videos, eDocs, Forms,and other short videos. and each Toolkit includes different items.  

If you have either Creative or Professional Level Plus Memberships, you'll have access to ALL of the digital content for eDocs, Forms, etc.  If you are interested in the Documentary Toolkit, you'll need the Professional Level Plus Membership because that is the only level that includes the Documentary Video collection.  

See what is included in each level of Plus Membership here:  https://www.videomaker.com/plus/sign-up

See exactly which Videos are included in each progressive level here:  http://www.videomaker.com/courses?vmp_source=menu-courses (please note that each level INCLUDES the Video Courses before it.  For example, the Creative Level includes everything in the Starter and Basic Levles as well).

if you have any further questions, you can drop an email to Customerservice@Videomaker.com


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