Hi SoxfanJust to let you


Hi Soxfan

Just to let you know we’ll be getting in an GY-HD200 soon. It does 60p frame rate which is terrific for smooth fast action. It might be a tad high on the price range, but it’s certainly something to consider. We’ll be reviewing it, hopefully, very soon. I also recently spoke with a JVC rep who told me the compression engine (for HDV) on the HD200 has been improved.

As for the HD110, we are also expecting to see this in our office. Although, probably not before the HD200. I’ve shot on the HD100 which is very similiar to HD110. I, too, enjoy a shoulder mount and more importantly a professional feeling lens. That’s the major strength here. It’s great to have a fully manual focus/zoom/iris lens. The camera itself is a tad bit front heavy, but you could easily balance it out on the back. The picture quality of the HD100 is great. Here’s my review of the HD100 http://www.videomaker.com/article/12472/

Look for the HD110 and HD200 coming soon.


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