Hi Snowdu3yahoocom, That’s


Hi Snowdu3yahoocom,

That’s great advice fromJohnboy. Since ‘extreme’ sports like skateboarding, bmx etc, are already visually very interesting, you don’t need to add a lot of special effects to make your videos stand out.

One suggestion I would have is to have at least two different shots of your action.

Example: someone doing a railslide on a skateboard. Sorry if I don’t have the lingo anymore, I used to skate about a million years ago.

You would want to get an establishing shot of this railslide along with a different, probably closer shot of this railslide.

So what’s an establishing shot? Basically it’s a shot that captures the entire area, the rail, the concrete sidewalk at the top and bottom of the rail. Shooting an establishing shot provides context for the viewer so they know exactly where they are and what’s going on.

Stick to the basics and your level and you will do great.Once you’ve gotten an A+ on your project, then you can play around and expand on your video skills.

Good luck!

In Solidarity,



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