Hi Sethtyler, I’ve been re


Hi Sethtyler,

I’ve been reading about the XM-DVR Pro, wonder if you could answer a few questions so I can make up my mind about buying?

1. I have an AppleMac (OSX), what file format is recorded to the Compact Flash card ? I’d like to know if I can drag and drop the files directly from the CF card onto my desktop (via a CF Card Reader) and burn straight to DVD without the need to do any other encoding?

2. I understand the XM-DVR Pro needs a Windows OS, is this just to set it up initially, or are there ongoing reasons why I might need Windows?

3. The unit records in full resolution PAL (720×576) and uses up to 9Mbps VBR, but how does this look once burned to DVD?

4. Does it use the Sandisk Extreme IV cards?

5. How big would a 30min video file (mpeg2?) be and how long to transfer this to the desktop.

6. Do the CF cards need formatting before each recording session?

Thanks for any info you may be able to provide.



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