Hi Saint. I have worked w


Hi Saint.

I have worked with the PD150 and I currently own the Canon XL-2. I really Cannot say anything about the the JVC, but I have been looking at prices and the price he says for the JVC smells like shark bait to me.

While both, technically, are very similar I really like my Canon. I like the fact that I can change lenses, even though I can’t afford any additional lenses right now. I also like the idea that I can use 24p frame rate as well as 16:9 format that is an option for recording. If you are willing to go as high as $3000 kick this guy to the curb and buy from a reputable dealer. I found mine for $2495 at B&H Photo Video in New York. I f you have not seen their website then you need to check it out. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/

Trust me, I do not endorse a company unless they have treated me well as a customer. I purchased online and get the added benefit of receiving their Pro video catalog a couple times a year.

I almost made the mistake of trying to buy a “deal” but was able to get out of it at the last minute.

Check em out and see what they have on their used racks

Staci Newsom
Old Pueblo Video

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