Hi Ryan,


Hi Ryan,


Congratulations on being successful in your current endevors.

I am not a traveling wedding videographer so take my advice with a grain of salt I'm just another videographer.

The first thing to consider would be insurance make sure you have your bases covered if anything goes wrong, and in your gear have important numbers like your agent so you can easily reach them even if its just to ask a question you will be ready if something happens.

Secondly I would talk with a lawyer about any gaps in your business such as paperwork release forms etc.


If you don't use one get into the habit of using and updating/optimizing a gear list this will be critical for traveling because it will save you the dreaded omg I fotgot the batteries! It is also important because every piece you bring you/client is paying for; when I go to an event I have a garden cart with all the stuff I take 60% of which I might not use, but I might want it… This wont fly (pun intended) with your clients paying travel expenses, so get your equipment list down to something managable.


Like I mentioned before any arrangments you are going to make with clients should be screwtenized by a lawyer, but you might want to consider how you would like to be payed. I would use a system such as client must book 2 months in advance or have an extravagant fee for last minute bookings, secondly I would require a 30% deposit upon booking that would be kept or part of kept for waisting time of they change their minds.


As far as resources I would check into wedding photography information because they have been around longer there is more information the two fields are very simmular so use that as a reference, also there are some dvd's available from videomaker.


Best of luck!

Justin Reto



P.S. you might consider looking into mobile editing, while you could send off your footage to an editior if you have reliable data; I would consider an editing laptop that way you could review footage and start preping things for editing. Just make sure you have backups god forbid your stuff gets lost broken or stolen, but bad stuff happens and seems more likely to happen away from home.

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