Hi Robert – You are corre


Hi Robert –

You are correct in the 2GB gap – I usually pause before I reach that limit but it has bitten me before. I haven’t heard of anything to solve this but it hasn’t been high on my list as I try to keep clips 10 minutes or less (easier editing).

As for batch mode, UpShift allows you to specify a directory, and will convert all files therein, sequentially, until they’re all done – I’ve done 15-20GB at a clip when needed, albeit it took about a day on my box.

And yes, the M2T files are also 16:9, square pixel. Sony Vegas Pro reads the M2T files natively (it is lightly compressed MPEG2). If you have an issue with M2T, you can also look at GearShift from VASST which does something similar but outputs various formats. http://store.vasst.com/store/vasst-software/gearshift.aspx

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