Hi Robert – I too shoot w


Hi Robert –

I too shoot with a SR11 (same camera, smaller hard drive). I have had good luck with New Blue FX’s UpShift (see comment above). It converts MTS (AVCHD) to M2T (lightly compressed MPEG-2) which I edit easily in Sony Vegas. It can be done in a batch mode, so I leave large conversions running overnight.

FWIW – I loves me my SR11 (wish I had sprung for the extra HD space of the SR12) as it has many features of a true prosumer camera (manual focus & exposure, Dolby 5.1, headphone jack, mic jack, optical image stabilization, HDMI out, 1/3″ CMOS sensor, Zebra stripes, manual & auto white balance, HD recording @ 1080i, large viewscreen, etc…) for a (high end of) consumer price.

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